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How they make it possible?
Sunday, December 9, 2012 | 11:26 PM | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum earthlingss :*
Okeyy, how they make it possible? saya tuju soalan ni kepada non-selebrity yang selalu dapat perhatian :p h
Macam mana setiap gamba korang boleh sampai beratus yang like?
Macam mana status korang walaupun korang hanya update "Wahh!" je sampai beribu yangg like?

I don't know how you can make people notices you in everything you do, but I think that was really awesome :D It wasn't bad at all you know. Everybody cares about you and maybe when you walked alone on the street and there is a snatch-theft trying to harm you, they would rather save you and belasah orang jahat tu cukup-cukup. Sampai mati maybe? Haha :P Look, how lucky you are. Being famous can automatically gives you free bodyguards everywhere. Haha. All I wanna to say is, it was AWESOMEEEE!

Okey, I've found the pictures of my cake :D
Here it is;

Hmm, nampak tak macamane aku teruja sangat nak tunjuk kek aku nih? ish ishhhh.

Okey laaa alls. Tunggu Post saya yang akan datang tauu. 

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